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Blacks For All Races (BFAR) is an organization that started as a community initiative created to provide a forum for black people and people of colour to engage in meaningful discussions with all other races, share ideas, innovation and provide networking support within the community while empowering individuals to maximize their talents in giving back to the community. 

The vision and mission encompass empowering the black community by assisting identified members with job searches, newcomer resettlement assistance, reported racialized and human rights issues and general directory information etc. that seeks to assist Black Community members in improving their current socio-economic status in the community. 

In addition, to actualize these goals, it was essential to create a monitored platform where members of the Black Community in the Simcoe County region including international students can join and participate in the activities.

This led to the creation of the Canadian African Caribean Barrie Community WhatsApp group. The group was subsequently expanded geographically to include all the Black Community members residing in the Simcoe County area.   

In the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, it became imperative to engage more people in the Black Community and beyond with active and meaningful discussions around stereotypes, systemic racism, biases, and racial violence. 

To accomplish this, members were nominated from the group and tasked with developing models and structures addressing the identified menaces while additionally tasked with seeking ways to promote the black culture as inclusive while enriching other races with our cultural heritage. 

This is to further support the empowerment of the Black Community under the mandate of BFAR and the essence of its creation while showcasing diversity and inclusion to people of all races. The Activity Centre is located at 80 Bradford Street Suite WW12 Barrie ON L4N 6S7. 

The BFAR Centre features an ultra-modern computer workstation with free Wi-Fi which will be accessible at no cost to members of the community to interact, socialize, gather information, conduct job searches, housing searches, apply to schools etc. 

In addition, the BFAR Centre has extra-mural after-school programs designed to coach and support school-age children of Black descent and their friends from other cultures while also facilitating an avenue for them to meet, learn, play and socialize together.

The Activity Centre also caters to the needs of black immigrants, international students, and other newcomers to the Simcoe County area or who may be new to Canada. They will be provided with helpful information or directed to supportive social amenities as may be applicable.

The Activity Centre was created to facilitate easier access to community information, employment search, access to justice, housing search, educational advancement, career guide and other government programs. 

In addition, volunteers at the centre who require employment reference letters or wish to include volunteering at the Activity Centre on their resumes will be able to do so as long as they have maintained a reasonable time volunteering.

The Activity Centre will also be a space for business owners in the Simcoe County area to meet, exchange information and ideas etc. 

From time to time, BFAR will invite proven industrial leaders as guest speakers who will be able to coach and mentor black entrepreneurs in business growth or wealth creation and management. 

Furthermore, the Activity Centre is a safe and trusting environment designed to sensitize the Black Community while creating further awareness about the law with steps to take in ensuring that the black community continues to comply with statutes and regulations which will lead to more social reform, increment in intellectual power, increase in income, elimination of poverty, and ultimately, a better sense of dignity. 

To live up to its mandate of black people being there for all races, the Activity Centre is an inclusive environment acknowledging and embracing the diversity in Canada, its rich multiculturalism, and is open and welcoming to people of all races and colours.

The Activity Centre was designed to ensure that the environment will be conducive for all races to actively engage the Black Community positively. Feel free to visit.

BFAR will support your employment needs.

BFAR will support newcomers to Canada



LOCATION  80 Bradford Street, Suite WW12 Barrie ON L4N 6S7

PHONE INQUIRES (289) 799-8313 


                                                                                                          LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

The organization Blacks For All Races (BFAR), and we as individuals, have a deep desire to bring about change in our community and move forward together as diverse and inclusive people.  We acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the Anishnaabeg [Ah-nish-NAH-beg] people.  The Anishnaabeg [Ah-nish-NAH-beg] include the Odawa [Oh-DAH-wah], Ojibwe [O-jibwe] and Pottawatomi [pow·tuh·waa·tuh·mee] nations, collectively known as the Three Fires Confederacy. This land is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.