The BFAR organization addresses the challenges of unemployment among the Black community by creating platforms and opportunities aimed at enhancing community members' access to employment opportunities and professional development. 

The BFAR Activity Center, as part of its mission, facilitates easier access to community information, employment searches, access to justice, housing searches, educational advancement, career guidance, and other government programs designed to improve an individual's status in the community. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that people of African descent, especially immigrants transitioning to the Barrie area, have the necessary resources and support to overcome unemployment and underemployment challenges.

Moreover, by collaborating with Lakehead University Orillia, BFAR provides placement opportunities for graduate students, thereby directly addressing the issue of unemployment and underemployment by integrating education with practical work experience. This collaboration offers a clear pathway for young members of the community to transition from education to employment, supporting their career development.

Additionally, the BFAR organization actively engages in fostering an environment that supports Black business owners. By providing a space for these entrepreneurs to meet, discuss, and collaborate on projects with their counterparts from other races, BFAR indirectly influences employment opportunities. This initiative not only supports existing businesses but also encourages the creation of new ventures that can lead to more job opportunities within the community.

Through these efforts, BFAR addresses the multifaceted challenges of unemployment faced by the Black community in Barrie, offering solutions that range from direct employment opportunities to supporting entrepreneurial ventures and providing a space for professional advancement.

Key strategies employed by the organization include: