Human Rights Advocacy


The BFAR organization addresses the challenges faced by the Black community in Simcoe County, Ontario, through a comprehensive approach encompassing empowerment, socio-economic support, educational advancement, and cultural inclusivity. Initially, BFAR focused on building trust between the police and the Black community and improving access to justice for disenfranchised individuals within the community. 

This mission expanded to include support for those facing unemployment, underemployment, or other socio-economic barriers, aiming to enhance the community members' socio-economic status through supportive programs.

BFAR established the Canadian African Caribbean Black Community WhatsApp group, which serves as a monitored platform for effective communication and dissemination of information regarding BFAR's services, engaging the majority of the Black Community in Simcoe County as active participants. This platform allows for broad participation in activities aimed at the community's betterment, especially in the wake of heightened awareness around systemic racism, racial violence, and stereotypes following George Floyd's death.

BFAR (Blacks For All Races) addresses inequality and racism through a multi-faceted approach geared towards empowerment, education, inclusion, mentorship, and community engagement. This organization was founded in response to the systemic challenges faced by the Black community, especially following the tragic incident involving a young Black Canadian, Orlando Brown. 

The founders initiated a peaceful rally to demand more protection for the public and to protest against racial injustices, leading to the establishment of BFAR in 2020 with a commitment to fostering togetherness and supporting the Black community's socio-economic status.

BFAR has set clear objectives aimed at creating trust between the police and the Black community, providing access to justice, informing the community about their rights, and supporting members facing unemployment, underemployment, or socio-economic barriers. 

The vision encompasses empowering identified community members through supportive programs that improve their socio-economic status. Additionally, BFAR operates the BFAR Activity Centre, focusing on providing resources such as computer workstations, job and housing search support, educational advancement, and career guidance.

In education and mentorship, BFAR introduced the BFAR CLUB PROJECT, a mentorship initiative from the elementary to college level, aiming to steer young individuals away from gang involvement, gun violence, and other harmful activities. The project includes membership badges, positive narrative rap and hip-hop songs, collaboration with educational institutions, and meals and refreshments during events to promote parental participation. This initiative shows BFAR's commitment to preventing at-risk young persons from engaging in criminal activities through empowerment and guidance.

BFAR's extensive efforts reflect a strategic approach to tackling inequality and racism by focusing on community empowerment, education, mentorship, and active engagement in creating a safer, more inclusive environment for the Black community and all races, acknowledging, and embracing Canada's multiculturalism.