Seniors & Grandparents Programs


The Black Seniors Voices (BSV) project aims to achieve specific outcomes for Black community seniors that focus on improving their quality of health and lifestyle. These targeted outcomes include:

1. Elimination of Obstacles: By recognizing the marginalization and socio-economic factors that often disenfranchise Black Senior residents from benefiting from available support, the BSV project seeks to eliminate these barriers, ensuring that the older adults in the Black community can fully benefit from the initiative.

2. Reduction of Healthcare Sector Workload: By providing proper care education and aging supportive measures, the project aims to alleviate the burden on the healthcare sector. This outcome is expected to arise from preventing health issues among seniors or managing existing conditions more effectively, thereby reducing the need for extensive healthcare services.

3. Enhancement of Well-being: The well-being of older adults, who often play significant roles as grandparents and great-grandparents within their families, is a focal point. The project endeavours to facilitate their well-being, contributing positively to their families and the broader community.

4. Sustainability Through Publicity and Fundraising: An additional outcome is to garner publicity for the cause, creating a sustainable model for the BSV project through ongoing fundraising efforts. This approach aims to ensure the project's longevity and its ability to continue providing support to Black seniors in the community.

5. Community Benefit: Beyond individual benefits to the seniors, the BSV project aims for a broader impact on the community by enhancing the overall health status and lifestyle quality of its participants. This, in turn, contributes to a more vibrant, supportive, and inclusive community environment for all its members.

In summary, the BSV project aspires to address the unique challenges faced by Black seniors, focusing on their health, well-being, and integration into the community, with a broader goal of fostering a sustainable support system through community engagement and fundraising efforts.

The organization identifies the unique challenges faced by Black seniors in accessing community support through the acknowledgment of socio-economic factors and marginalization that disproportionately affect the Black senior community. It is highlighted that Black senior residents often find themselves disenfranchised or limited in benefiting from the available support services for senior citizens within the wider community. This is attributed to systemic barriers and socio-economic disparities that can hinder access to essential services and supports. 

The Black Seniors Voices (BSV) project presents a comprehensive approach to supporting marginalized Black seniors within the community. Beyond its direct focus group, the organization anticipates that the project will have a positive impact on the broader community in multiple ways.

One significant impact will be the reduction in workload in the healthcare sector. By providing proper care education and aging supportive measures to Black seniors, the project is expected to lessen the burden on healthcare facilities. 

This is because enhanced care and support for seniors can lead to better health outcomes, reducing the frequency of hospital visits and demand for medical interventions. Better-informed seniors about health management and preventive care can also contribute to overall community health resilience.

Furthermore, the BSV project is designed to improve societal perceptions by addressing and mitigating issues arising from marginalization and socioeconomic challenges faced by Black seniors. By spotlighting and tackling these issues head-on, the project will raise community awareness about the unique challenges Black seniors face, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society. 

This heightened awareness can lead to a ripple effect, encouraging other similar initiatives, promoting diversity, and engaging more community members in volunteerism and support for the Black senior population.

In essence, through the direct benefits to the seniors, the project aims to foster a healthier, more inclusive community and reduce systemic burdens on healthcare. Its implementation serves as a model for community-driven care and support while challenging and changing societal perceptions towards aging in marginalized communities.